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Can't get the redirection extension working

  1. I have created a new wordpress blog self-hosted. And I want the url of this one redirect to the new one But when I enter the url in the redirection section, I have the following error message: Your blog cannot be redirected to this URL. Please check the validity of this url. (it is a translation since my settings are in French).
    I tried with and without www. at the beginning of the url with no effect.
    Can somebody help ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you purchased the site redirect upgrade?

  3. I can't even go to that step, I have the error message at the 1st step of the site redirect procedure when I am asked to enter the url of the redirection.
    After digging a while, I wonder if that could have something to do with the permalink structure of the blogs...
    Any guess?

  4. That may be true for internal pages, but I think it should work for at least the TLD. Let me do some more digging as well.

  5. The Permalink just makes things go to the correct page and not give a 404 not found error - it should work for the Top Level domain (

    I flagged this for the staff to help -

    to help them EXACTLY what are you entering in each box - both From & To

  6. /waving @auxclass

    So I thought too; thanks for the assist.

  7. Morning Morning Jennifer (literally should be morning where you are at)

    Have a nice weekend & you be welcome for the assist, my pleasure

  8. Hi there, I see what you mean! I've asked our developers to have a look at this to see why you're being prevented from redirecting to that domain and will keep you posted here.

  9. Hi there, for some reason, your self-hosted site at is issuing a "406 Error - Not Acceptable" error message, so our system thinks it's non-functional and won't accept it.

    I was able to add the upgrade manually for you and will send you a payment link where you can make the purchase manually.

    Just let me know if you don't receive it shortly. Thanks!

  10. Many thanks to all of you for your help: justjennyfer, auxclass and kathrynwp.

  11. lazaied - could you please let me know if you received the link by email to pay for the site redirect upgrade? It was sent yesterday to the email connected to this account. Thanks.

  12. Hi there, I still haven't received a response to our request for payment of this upgrade. If you didn't receive the payment link by email, please let me know and I'll resend it, otherwise I'll remove the upgrade. Thanks.

  13. Hi kathreenwp. I have received the link. The blog is not mine so I have forwarded it to the owner and asked him to do the payment. I will remind him to do it.
    Thanks again for your help.

  14. The payment for this upgrade was received, thank you.

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