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Can\'t get thumbnail to appear in Facebook shares

  1. Hi,

    When I publish a new post and wordpress automatically shares it on my Facebook feed, the image I use in the post never accompanies it onto facebook. The same thing happens when I try to manually paste the url on FB — it just creates a link, but without the thumbnail. I know I must be doing something wrong — or have some setting switch flipped incorrectly, b/c when others share a wordpress post of mine on FB, I do see the picture.

    Any advice?
    Blog url:

  2. It's nothing that you're doing.

    Unfortunately, Facebook has a list of requirements that it looks for when selecting the thumbnail, and these requirements change rather frequently.

    Honestly, I recommend not worrying about it. Sometimes you'll get a thumbnail, and sometimes you won't. It's entirely up to Facebook.

  3. Gotcha. Can you tell me why, when the link is posted to FB, the blog excerpt always begins with the second paragraph, skipping over the first entirely?

  4. Yet another Facebook oddity, I'm afraid. :(

    Sometimes the text it finds is just as random as the images.

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