Can’t get to Dashboard of one particular blog

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    Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has run across this problem. I’ve got several blogs at, all working just fine, except my main blog, at the moment. No matter what I do and no matter how I try to get there, I cannot get to the Dashboard, the Stats page, nothing in the back end. Can’t Write Post, can’t Edit Post, nothing. Very inconvenient, as I put something up and now want to take it down.



    Yikes! You emailed support I am assuming already? I tried you domain with the admin URL and it kicked me back to the main page…….




    Yep, I emailed, cleared cache and forced reloaded, etc; checked all the relevant threads. Dr Mike told me yesterday the site didn’t load for him either, but it was working just fine for me on IE6 and FF until an hour and a half ago.

    I’m worried because I really do want to take that last entry down, but can’t. And while it’s up there, I’m risking the whole thing. BAAAAD timing.


    I feel for you … :(



    According to the Whosamongus widget, some people are still reading it, but hits are down by half…and of course I can’t post either.


    This is a shot in the dark. Have you tried to post directly to the blog through an off-line editor?



    No, and can’t. The laptop, which has lots of room on it, has just decided it can’t use its ethernet card, so I cannot connect it to the internet to download Blogdesk or whatever. The computer I’m using has about 50 megs of room on it, and I hesitate to add to its burden. Would blogdesk fit?



    I can’t see anything wrong on our side.

    Have you tried a different browser?

    Have you tried clearing your cookies?


    BlogDesk – 5.88 MB



    Tried clearing cookies, will boot my roomie off his compy when I can and give that a shot. Give me five. Thanks for the hand, Lloyd.

    Works just fine on Safari. Downloading blogdesk as I type. Wish me luck. Thanks for the help, all!



    All fixed, y’all. I had to do a restart; that’s a peculiarity of this computer, I’ve noticed. God knows why, but restarting often works; didn’t I see that on a Star Trek: Next Generation episode? BTW, Blogdesk uses 11 MG, but is even slicker than I thought. I’ll be including it in the blogging course I’m teaching this Saturday. Veddy nice.

    Thanks again for all the help.

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