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can't get to my blog - Revisited

  1. I still am unable to pull up the main page to my blog.

    I can log in. I can get to my dashboard. But when I try to pull up my main page, no dice.

    I did contact support. Hopefully this resolves itself soon. I appreciate everyone's response.

  2. Oh, I was just contacted via e-mail by support. That was fast! They are suggesting a few things. I'll try them and see if it resolves things.

  3. Not working for me either.

  4. Sorry, teeveebee and masterclasslady, but your issues were resolved two hours ago. Mine too, apparently. Still can't access our blogs, but hey, at least the issue has been fixed, right? Right? Ahem...

    Sorry for the sarcasm, wordpress. Just frustrated.

  5. Masterclasslady, your blog is loading for me. Same for teeveebee. Austinmusic, if it's the blog linked to your user name, it's also loading.

    Did you all try clearing your cache and cookies and restarting your browser?

  6. The issue is NOT about seeing other people's blogs - the issue is when you're logged into your own accounts, and say using "My Dashboard," you're not able to then view your own Blog. You need log out form WordPress (for me I shut down IE7), restart IE7, and then you can access your own blog directly.

    Once I log back onto WordPress, I can no longer see my own site... and the cirlce re-starts.

  7. I can see my blog just fine before I log in to WordPress, and then I can't get to my blog... it just keeps reloading and reloading.

    I received an email from service 50 minutes ago: "Thanks for contacting us. There was a slight bug that we have since resolved. You should be able to access your blog once again without issue. Let us know if we can assist further."

    Nope. Still having the problem! Please advise, as I have a political blog and am supposed to be liveblogging the RNC.

  8. And yes, I have deleted all Cookies, cleaned the cache, and run three seperate virus scan programs for good measure.

  9. When I use FireFox instead of Explorer, the problem goes away.

  10. When I use FireFox instead of Explorer, the problem goes away.

    Sounds like a IE problem I suggest using Firefox it's also safer then IE

    Link->FireFox 3 vs I.E 7 (video)

    Link->Firefox 3 home Page


  11. I'm told the problem is fixed for good now. It looks like the previous fix didn't work with IE.

  12. I'm good to go! Thank you!!!

  13. All done. Thanks WordPress.

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