Can't get WordPress to disconnect from Twitter?

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    I just noticed that somehow, my blog is auto-posting twice to my Twitter account — as in, it’s linked to two accounts, but both accounts are the same.

    This is less than ideal, so I thought I would just disconnect both accounts & start over. However, I can’t seem to get WordPress to disconnect from Twitter. I have been to the Settings > Sharing > Publicise settings and clicked “Disconnect from Twitter”… however, the page just reloads, and rather than saying “Connect to Twitter”, the option is still to disconnect.

    I’ve revoked access for WordPress from Twitter for the time being, but I’d love to find a proper fix for this, as the auto-tweet function is really convenient for me. My blog is
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Noticed this today as well. Two boxes. One says Twitter. One says Twitter Earth Ocean Sky Redux (the name of my blog). Which one am I to select? I don’t want both.


    @eosresurfaces That’s exactly what I had as well.



    Please try disconnecting/reconnecting now, we have a fix in place that will hopefully clear up and of these remaining weird issues.


    Yup, all fixed! Thanks Beau :)



    Was having this problem too but now it’s fixed for me as well. Thanks! :)


    solved. although I had to disconnect twice. but worked. thank you.

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