Can’t go back to 2-column mode while editing

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    I’m using the Contempt template. I opened SCREEN OPTIONS and switched from 2-column to 1-column mode. When I switch back, the main column shrinks in width appropriately, but the controls that should be in the right column are still below the editing area, not to the right of it. Any idea how I get back?

    I tried resetting the setting. This happens in any posting that I edit.


    The blog I need help with is


    You have to manually drag the modules you want to the right back up and to the right of the text area. Wait for the grey outlined box to appear and release the mouse button.


    Anytime you switch from 2 column to 1 column and then back to 2 you will have to do that.



    Thanks for letting me know. I’d tried it, but it’s not easy to do. Comments from a user interface designer: The dotted-line target area doesn’t always appear, and there’s no way to know that it’s necessary to do this. If going from 2=>1 columns is automatic, my expectation was that going from 1=>2 would also be automatic. Glad to get the answer — thanks.

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