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Can't go back to default color scheme on Balloons theme

  1. barbarathibout

    Hi I'm new to wordpress and having an issue with my blog colors.

    I used custom design to make some changes in my Ballons theme but didn't like it, so I tried using the default button to go back to original and it didn't work.

    I also tried picking up the original Balloons theme back from the themes selector, but still, I don't manage to get the original colors back.

    I am also having issues with the preview, I use firefox, could it be an issue with the browser or dashboard not working properly?

    Hope somebody can give me a hand with this, thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. barbarathibout

    Doesn't seem a browser issue, I tried chrome and got rid of the preview issue, but colors are still wrong...

  3. barbarathibout

    I change the theme, so it will be OK.

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