Can't have whole gallery keeping adding new photos to old

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    I’m wondering if you have a page where you keep adding photos different days, and several different pages where you do this, if since in the media library it’s too big to scroll through and create a gallery with old photos you had put and the new ones, if there’s a way you can still create a gallery. Meaning have them scroll individually. Or does wordpress not do this? What website does? There should for keeping adding photos, so I think my wordpress is just a little messed up?? When I click on a photo, it just goes to a bigger version of the photo on a white page, it doesn’t do the scrolling to the other photos with a black background.

    I thought maybe on a different theme it did to the gallery automatically, but I can’t remember and wonder if that’s my imagination and I just created a few galleries recently (because I think I did but I don’t remember which pages had those). But I also had a lot of new ones and I think it didn’t do it all the time. I have a terrible memory so I can’t remember. But why would it not work on a different theme??

    I went to Settings – Media and saw the thing “Enable carousel. Display images in full-size carousel slideshow,” and it was checked, so what’s the problem? I did not have “Tiled Galleries. Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic” checked so I checked it but it didn’t change anything.

    I tried pressing Ctrl and highlighting all the photos on a page in Edit, but there was no option to create a gallery.

    Thank you for your help!!!



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