Why can't I import a WP export XML file?

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    I have exported my blog from adobe.dougwinnie.com and am attempting to import it into dougwinnie.wordpress.com, but I’m not getting any luck. I get an “Invalid file” error.
    Blog url: http://dougwinnie.wordpress.com/



    Could you please submit your request as a Private request, in order for us to be able to ask you for the WXR file as an attachment?



    Thanks — I created a new thread…


    Just a quick follow-up note about this. Importing a WordPress export file into WordPress.com should work, but there are some troubles for WordPress 3.1+ files right now because the WordPress.com importer needs to be updated. We’re working on that right now and we hope to have it all fixed up soon. Normally, imports should always work if the export is from a decently recent version of WordPress.

    If anyone has trouble importing in the future, please make sure to note what version of WordPress the import is coming from when you let us know about the issue.

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