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Can't import from blogger

  1. Last time, everytime I tried to import some of my posts from blogger, I always see the button "restart" to allow me to restart my importing. However, for the last couples of days, I don't see that button anymore. Instead, I only see the button "Import file" .....Does anyone have the same problem ???

    What should I do now ??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can't you see the notice from Staff on the import page? I can clearly see it.

    Technical Difficulties
    The normal Blogger importer is having problems authenticating with Google at this time.

    This means you will have to export your blog data from Blogger then upload that file here.

    This Blogger support page explains how to export the file we need.

    Please be patient while we work on getting this fixed.

  3. Thanks!! I didn't see that notice though.

  4. Does anyone have the same problem ?

    Did you try searching?

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