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    When I try to sign in with my Blogger information on the import page here, I get this message:

    “Login failed. Please re-enter your username and password.”

    I’ve done that with no luck. I’m certain the name and pw are correct (I triple checked). What’s the problem?



    I believe you will need to contact support at Blogger if your username and password from Blogger are failing to log you in there. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful but I really don’t know what anyone at wordpress could do to help you with that.



    My password and user name are correct. I can log in with them at Blogger. The WordPress import page, however, keeps giving me the error message.

    I’m attempting to import my posts and comments from Blogger to my WordPress blog.

    What do I need to do? Does WordPress work with those Blogger blogs that have been switched to beta?



    I’m so sorry I misunderstood you. I have only imported and exported to and from wordpress blogs so the part about your Blogger username and password didn’t sink in even though I read what you said.
    You can import from Blogger but it’s not always as easy as one might expect. The advice and information in the 3 threads on Blogger imports currently active on the forum will be of interest to you.
    Staff do read forum threads and will get back to you. Volunteers do not have backend access. If staff don’t get back to you tomorrow then please send in a feedback.



    Not sure what the issue may be. You may want to try contacting staff via a feedback from your dashboard here and see if they have any ideas.

    I know folks have reported issues with the Blogger beta in the past. Not sure what the resolution was.



    I sent feedback and was directed to this link:

    It suggests bumping up your RSS feed. A few people asked how to do that, but no one answered.

    Will someone please explain how to do that so I can import my blog here to WordPress?

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