Can’t insert an image via Firefox

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    I’m a long time user of Firefox and have posted many photos, etc. to our blog over time, using Firefox with no problem. Today, when trying to do so whenever I hit “Insert into post” it then took me to a blank screen marked “Done”. Tried several different times to no avail, even after re-booting. Then went and tried it on IE and it worked fine???????????????

    The blog I need help with is


    Try logging out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. It sounds like a corrupt cookie or cache file.



    Nope. tried all that.
    I author the page visually, one line of text.
    return carriage.
    Insert image. (maybe with a caption, or maybe a simple border)
    Looks good in edit mode.
    Click Publish.
    When the page reloads the image is gone.

    I check the blog. There’s no image.

    I tried authoring as HTML.
    Click Publish.
    When the page reloads, the HTML for the image is gone.


    I tried using Safari 4.0.5 and when I go to insert an image, it doesn’t appear as a pop-up, it loads as a new page. I try to use it to load an image and after loading, there’s no way to get back to the authoring page. PITA.


    So I tried the WordPress app on iPhone. It crashes when trying to load the screen to author a new post.


    So I tried it on a different computer, still in FireFox. went to the same post (Duplo Time) and when I go to insert image, the Gallery indicates that there is one image loaded. I try to insert it, no caption, no border.
    Update post.
    Photo is gone.

    Tried again without even a link to the larger image.

    w t f ?


    Testing out some other stuff on a test blog, I had the same issue with an image disappearing.

    Contact staff. Obviously there is something seriously wrong.


    This is apparently an issue with the editor at the moment and staff is aware of it.





    You’re welcome.


    Give it a try now. It looks like it is working again. I just did a complex code test in my test blog and everything stayed right where it was supposed to be.



    Yup. Pics are back. Yaaay.

    That was wonky.


    Thanks. Now working. Glad it just wasn’t me.

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