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Can't insert 'contact form'!

  1. Hello! In my 'Contact me' page, I cannot insert the contact form, after several tries following Support instructions! Help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Open the page and instead of trying to put the code into the visual editor, switch to the HTML tab and then put [contact-form] in there. Also, turn comments off for that page otherwise there will be two text boxes, one for the contact form and one for comments and it will confuse your visitors.

  3. Thanks for your speedy response! I tried pasting this in HTML as you suggested. What showed up was a large blank box and the submit button on the bottom but no field boxes. Should there be? Also, if and when I do figure this out (!) will the replies in the contact form be visible to other site visitors, or just to me? TX!

  4. The fields do not show up when you are logged in because wordpress knows who you are and fills them in for you.

    Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and go to the form page while NOT logged in and you will see the fields.

  5. montaudesadurni


    is it possible to add the contact form on a free wordpress blog or only on the self-hosted?
    I have a free blog and I have pasted the code in but I only get the code - no form!
    please help!!! thanks

  6. @montaudesadurni - The shortcode for contact forms IS for blogs. Copy it from thesacredpath's post and paste it onto a Page (title it Contact or something like that) and it should work.

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