Can't insert my MX records twice?

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    When trying to reset my DNS I inserted the ones Godaddy gave me (they’re both MX records) but wordpress is not letting me save them as ‘MX hosts cannot appear more than once”.

    Since this happened, my email address I have with godaddy stopped working.

    What can I do???

    The blog I need help with is



    There is absolutely no need to add the same host more than once. What multiple records do is provide backups if one isn’t working. I expect that you have mixed up Godaddy’s instructions, but if they really have given you the same host twice just put it in once.


    They’re not the same but they’re both MX

    MX 0 Record
    MX 10 Record

    I apologise for my ignorance but I really don’t have a clue as to what to do! Pls help!



    In the WordPress dashboard you don’t enter “Record”, but you do end lines with a “.”. I think it is seeng “Record” as your server name and the actual name as a comment, The lines should be:

    MX 0
    MX 10

    Note the “.” at the end of each line.


    It just allowed me to save it! Everything should get orted now (even though when you’re as ignorant as me you’re never safe from a new threat…).

    Anyway, Tandava 108 you’re my hero, thank you so much for saving my life

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