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Can't insert Paypal button

  1. I'm trying to insert a Paypal button on my wordpress site. Can't do it. I've read several times the "Really Easy Guide" instructions ( and the "Adding a Custom Paypal Link - Easy as 1-2-3" page ( from an FAQ search. I want to use a standard Paypal button and not someone else's button. I've inserted Paypal code for years into my web design applications and had no problem, but it doesn't work in WordPress when I insert the code into section of the editor. Please help.

  2. First, what is the link to your blog?

    Second, are you putting it in a text widget?

  3. Thank you for your message. The link is here.

    As you can see, I do have a link to Paypal using a text widget. That link uses the e-mail code that Paypal provides. But what I would like is a regular Paypal button on a regular page in WordPress or even the button in a text widget.

  4. To have an image in the link, you have to have an image. Once you decide what image to use (there are some on the Paypal site), you will add this to your text widget:

    <img src="urlofyourimage">

    Does that help?

  5. Yes, thanks for your help. I got it now. Here's a summary of what to do for others who come across this post.

    <img src="insert your picture file link here including file extension.gif">

  6. Whoops. What I mean is this.

    <img src="put your image address here">

  7. Great! If this is resolved, please mark it. Thanks!

  8. I was able to get the image in my sidebar by using the text widget, however it is not linking to the paypal site. What should I do next?

  9. Look at my link below. It shows which code to insert in in your text widget. If I acutally insert the code in the post here, it thinks it's code and it won't insert it for your viewing. It cuts some off.

    Here's an address to a paypal button you can use or you can use your own or go on paypal and make one and open the image in a new window in your browser. Then copy that address.

  10. Try this link for information on a paypal donation button:

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