Can't install statcounter code with Retro-Fitted theme

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    I switched to the Retro-Fitted theme and added my statcounter code per instructions- adding the code to a text box and putting it in the sidebar. I can do this but there’s a blank text box showing in my sidebar with no text, no nothing in it. I don’t want the box to show. I just need to get the code installed on the page. It didn’t show up with the original theme I was using. Is there a way to make the box invisible but still function?

    The blog I need help with is



    What exact code did you put in the box? Paste it here between code tags so we can analyze it.


    This is the code I installed from StatCounter. It has a link for WordPress and above the code it said it was “StatCounter Code for”. The issue is that when I follow the instructions and paste the code to a text box and drag the Widget to my sidebar, there are the other couple of Widgets- the Follow button and blog Archives which, in this particular theme, are displayed in a lighter colored box with shadowing. I like the boxes except for that the text box I use exclusively for my StatCounter code when I’m working from my dashboard shows up on my live page right there in the middle of everything else as another light colored box, only with no text and no function. I need that box not to show up at all if possible. Thanks for the help.


    Oh wait- I forgot to copy the code. Sorry. Here it is.

    <div id=”statcounter_image” style=”display:inline;”><a
    title=”wordpress stats plugin”
    alt=”wordpress stats plugin” style=”border:none;”



    Okay, well you can’t use plugin code on a blog. That is only for WordPress.ORG blogs. If they have actual code on teh site, which they do, you can put that in.


    They do. But I can get the code to work I’m just wondering if I can keep my sidebar from having an empty text box there when I’m not really using it as a widget or a way to navigate or interact with my blog, I’m only using it to install the code. Can I put the correct code in a text box but not have it show up in the sidebar on my live page?


    Actually, I got it. I don’t know how I got it, but I did. And the blank text box isn’t showing up so it’s all good in the hood. Thank you!

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