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    I have successfully uploaded an image to wordpress but I can’t get it on my blog. I change to link to image from no link and then send to editor. When I select send to editor I get a message at the bottom left hand side of my screen saying error on page. Does anyone have any tips for getting through this.




    I just uploaded a picture fine.

    What’s the filename of the picture?

    How big is it?

    What browser are you using? Version number as well please.

    What’s the error that you are getting?

    Can we have the link to teh file please?



    i cant upload any pictures :(



    titatintin, there’s that one picture you already uploaded. But it’s too big in width. Yours is 640 wide. To have a picture fit, I’ve always experienced 400 and below in width is best. But on my site I use thembnails which is good for people who have dial-up internet and larger images will take longer for them to load and those visitors might leave instead of waiting for the picture to load.



    titatintin, please read the post right above yours. Those questions are there for a reason. Please also take a few minutes to read over the FAQ on uploading pictures if you haven’t already.

    You don’t give us anything to go on so there’s little we can help you with.



    i can upload,
    but then..
    the picture wont appear
    there would be a red X or just nothing at all.
    im bumbed.



    titatintin, folks are trying to help you but you’re ignoring their responses. That’s not cool. You may be bumbed but you’re pretty well ticking off those reaching out to you.

    Having said that, I do not see any post on your page with an image missing. Could you please read the questions made to you, answer them, and point us specifically to where you are having the issue.



    So, to add to this mix up, I would like to know something. If the error is appearing at the lower corner, from what I read it’s…… the image is too large, or an older browser version? Is this correct? I have recently started my blog and have read the FAQ page on uploading images and followed that. My photo does appear on my dashboard page, but when I view my blog it isn’t there. I do click “send to editor” and still nothing. I have read every question pertaining to my problem and I don’t see where I am going wrong.



    Good on you for reading the FAQs blog the pink sticky at the head of the forum

    I can confirm that just as the FAQs says: If you are having problems uploading images then the most likely causes are:

    * The image is too large (filesize)
    * Your connection is slow
    * There is a problem between your computer and the WordPress server. (You do not have a direct line here. Your connection will go through any number of hubs before it gets here and one problem along that line will cause you problems.)

    I’ve noticed you have got your flickr widget configured and it’s working well. Thumbnails with original photos hosted by a third party is th recommended way to go. Many people are on dial up and if you fill your blog with larger photos it takes forever for your site to load. As these folks are also paying in accord with the time they spend on line that can really drive down the number of visitors you get to your site who actually stay instead of just clicking out.

    Older browsers can cause problems for people viweing your blog too. I find that my blogs can be viewed best on a firefox browser and I hear that they display well on mozilla too. The others O can’t say because I don’t use them.

    If you have a problem that isn’t described in the two FAQs resources then you can use the forum search box to find threads related to the difficulties you encounter.

    If those are not giving rise to a solution then I think a better way to get help will be just giving a quick list of information pertaining to your own situation and difficulty. THis is the kind of information that helps other folks help you here on the forum where everyone is a volunteer.

    Operating system & version
    connection hi-speed or dial-up
    browser & version
    size of the photo
    link to the photo

    When images do no immediately appear it can be a problem with clearing your browser cache. Everything in your sidebar is cached. Try forcing the browser to clear and couple of times. Hold the ctrl button down and press F5 simultaneously. Also sometimes signing out and signing in can also do the trick.

    Welcome to the wordpress community. Be patient because if I haven’t said anything that proved to be useful to you someone else will come along and lend you a helping hand. :)


    Thanks a lot “timethief”, I appreciate that feedback. I will play around with things and see what I can do. Again thanks! :)



    thumbs up ^^



    I’m tempted to leave a comment on titatintin’s blog now…



    hey drmike,
    i’ve already figured out why i couldnt upload any pictures.
    there was something up with my IE.
    I’m using Mozilla now.
    Everything is OK.
    thanks anyways =]

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