Can’t Load pictures tonight??????

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    All of a sudden I can’t post a picture tonight. I go through the regular process as always and I see the pic in the loading process but when I click to insert it into post a white screen comes up and the picture doesn’t load…at the bottom left it reads error. Is there something going on at wordpress?



    I haven’t noticed anything, but there IS a workaround, in case this persists.

    If you can upload, instead of hitting Insert to Post, copy the URL that shows for that image. Then close the pop-up. Then put the picture in using the Image Icon, the tree. Then you can format it as you prefer and if you want it to link to the image, just click to select it, then hit the Link icon, then put the same URL in there.


    Thank you I’m going to save your instructions. In the meantime about an hour has passed and all of a sudden I was able to do it so perhaps it was just glitch of some sort and of which I’m happy. Than you for your help.



    You’re welcome. So many people have had different image-related problems that there is a workaround for virtually anything. Glad to hear this was only temporary, though.


    Just a heads up, it’s happening to me too. I insert into post and the screen turns white and no pics load. I also got a small message under the save button saying “you’re not allowed to do that” in a yellow box. I signed out, cleared everything, restarted the computer and tried again…..same problem.



    I think there’s an image/picture/photo problem period. Mine are all disappearing randomly at random times and random places on my blog. Ones that have been there for 3 weeks. Very weird. And frustrating. :(

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