Can't load up audio despite my upgrade

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    I bought the bundle. Thought I could upload my radio spots. I uploaded the CD (cda) file onto my computer (Windows Media Player). But upon uploading file onto my blog page, it would not go thru. I thought it was because it was a cda file, but I think it did convert to MP3 when I transferred it. Then I thought, maybe I have no more space on my blog site. But since I have the bundle, wouldn’t I have more space? Do I have to put the audio onto an image for it to play? (like they do on YouTube) How do I do that? Please help me (hopefully as soon as possible).

    Thank you in advance,

    It’s crucial that I upload my radio spots because my blog serves as my portfolio. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is



    WordPress doesn’t convert files for you. You have to convert it yourself to an MP3 before you upload it. Try that and I think you’ll find that it’s easy and the upload goes smoothly.



    No no, I wasn’t trying to convert files on WordPress. I thought I had already converted them in my Windows Media Player on my computer. But when I tried to upload the file, it would disappear from “browser”. It says above it:
    “You are currently using 41.6 MB out of 13.0 GB upload limit (0%).”

    It is my understanding that when you “Rip CD” on your PC, it changes to MP3. I’m wondering is my file too big and I have to buy more space (the file is 4.48 minutes) Or am I doing something wrong. I followed the computer directions on converting my cda to an mp3. I also followed directions to uploading it onto WordPress, so I don’t know why it doesn’t upload.

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