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Can't log in!!!!!

  1. I have an account. My username is showing up. When I click on it - I get the following message:

    This blog has not been activated yet. Please check your email for the activation link.

    I never got an email with activation link. And, I requested a new password/password reset - in the hopes I would get the activation link. I didn't get an activation link.

    Someone please help me. Believe me when I say I am not an idiot.

  2. Go to - there's a form at the end of the page where you can enter your email address to be sent your activation code again. Look for the "Lost Your Activation Key?" form.

  3. You may also want to check your spam folder as sometimes your activation email will wind up in there.


  4. I can´t activate my blog... it simply doesn´t work.. even though it says that it is already activated!

  5. the form also doesn´t work for me... it says that my blog is already active.. BUT IT ISN´T... cause... it also says later that the blog isn´t activated

  6. Ok, i would like to keep believe you as "not an idiot", but could you at least tell exactly what did you do with the mail?

    My point is when you get activation email, open it and read. Unless you're not idiot, you'll know what to do. It usually has a link something like (???? are special codes)

    Click THAT link.

  7. Is this your blog address the following?

    i just clicked and it seems fine...

  8. Ok- I just began a word press blog. I am unable to login as my password is not recognized. When I request my password I receive an email (which I follow) to RESET my password. Cookies are enabled but I still can't login--Help please?

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