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  1. I typed in my username and password and can not login. Can you email me at [email redacted] and advise me of what to do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am to assume now then that I am logged in - I am simply checking myself in here to write as jerry seinfeld said about nothing - which is of course about everything. So I thought that I would see if I really have a blog - I have wanted for so long
    and envious of everyone who has - afraid to ask "what is it" how is it. How do I do this.

    Well the universe of bloggers will say well you are here and you are doing it -!! i think I will start with this mornings hope, drive to event, get gas, join the long line of following cars to find their respective space. After climbing five levels I was rewarded with a nice open space without having to jiggle my way in. Heaven!

    I then go to my event right across the street from my parking garage hurray! It was at a church, not exactly my denomination, but upholstered seats which mine does not have, but shiny wood long benches, not much leg room because of the kneeling benches hitting at one's shins. So, all that said it was to hear a well known buddhist author of many books as well a psychiatrist -

    I thought I was going to hear an in depth talk about the nature of Trauma and its trajectory and how one goes through trauma not around not sequester it for another time - or until dug out in therapy. I was first of all unable to hear properly because the churchs' ceilings were high and vaulted as to have the mike system hollow and the words bouncing off the walls - maybe others' were not quite as deaf as I appeared to myself to be this morning - further made for chagrin is to have the lecturer read from his latest book which was on sale, in the lobby.
    And after 40 minutes the program to go for two hours he closed the book and said now we have time for any questions, when there was so little to even ask of him - given the brevity of his non talk.

    Well I know through meditation this past week we were asked to focus on "thinking" to write down as much and as often as possible the ramble of the ongoing internal head and sometimes heart tapes. Of course then to be now conscious and come back to Mindfullness, to dispel whatever was going on, most often a tempest in a teacup I am finding that is, up until this morning. That's it for now

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