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Can't Log-in Issue - Password Reset Issue

  1. timethiefmedia


    This is timethief. I need Staff help. I had to create a new account in order to log in here as I have lost the ability to log-in to both of my accounts under the following usernames.

    1. On September 4th I went to log-in to my blog at (the underlying blog URL is and my password was refused. I tried several times and could not log-in.

    Rather than immediately requesting a password reset I chose to login to the same blog where "timethief" is also an Admin of the blog and I had no trouble doing so.

    I then logged out, cleared my browser cache and cookies (Firefox 15) and I rebooted my computer and tried to log-in to the same blog under my thistimethissspace username account and again my password was refused so I used the lost password function.

    I took a close look at the email received for resetting my password and as have no connection of any kind whatsoever to the "sports journalism" blog I did not carry through with the password reset. Instead I sent an email to support [at] wordpress [dot] com requesting assistance. I have not received any acknowledgment that the email was received.

    Today September 6th I found I could not log into my timethief account or my this thistimethisspace account, which have separate and different email addresses and all I can do is post here begging for Staff help under this third username account, which I had to create so I could post to this forum.

    This is crazymaking. Please assist me with sorting this out.

  2. timethiefmedia

    as email addresses are redacted on the forum and only Staff can see them I'm posting them so Staff can contact me:

    [email redacted]

    [email redacted] look for email with subject line "password reset issue"

    [email redacted]

  3. timethiefmedia

    I'm afraid to log out as I may not be able to log-in under this username again and will have to create yet another one. :(

  4. timethiefmedia

    Thank GOB! macmanx is here.

  5. I have sent emails with new passwords to the addresses on the accounts.

    Sorry about that!

  6. timethiefmedia

    Thank you so much. I'm afraid if I log out I won't be able to log-in again. Here goes ...

  7. Halleluia! I'm able to log-in as timethief again.

  8. Woot!

  9. thistimethisspace

    I can now log-in as thistimethisspace too
    One more log-in to go (finger crossed)

  10. After seeing this i thought i'd mention, i went to log in to my blog yesterday and i happened to notice it said i was logging into 'sports journalism' in the browser bar. I didn't log in, i had the sense to go back, clear browser and start again. But, what is that 'sports journalism'? Is it an error with WP, or is it a hacker?

  11. thistimethisspace

    Bad news! I logged out as timethief after changing the password macmanx sent me and setting a new password and now I can't log-in as timethief.

    Now I need Staff help again. :(

  12. thistimethisspace

    sports journalism

    I don't know but I think Staff need to know about this.

  13. bryanvillarin

    thegiddygoat — Sorry for the inconvenience. We're looking into this.

    thistimethisspace — I'm really sorry about that. I'll send you another email right now with a new password (in the same email subject previously from macmanx).

  14. @bryanvillarin I changed my password...just in case i'd logged in previously without noticing it before. I wouldn't have thought much of it till timethief mentioned that same name here, and it seemed odd being as what has now happened to her. Cheers

  15. bryanvillarin

    @thegiddygoat — Great idea. Thanks for chiming in regarding the "sports journalism" bit.

  16. thistimethisspace

    Please send me another new password to the email address for timethief.

  17. @-@bryanvillarin
    Thanks. I'm able to log-in again.
    This has made me really nervous. My stomach feels sick.

  18. By any chance, do you remember the URL for this "sports journalism" blog, or was it mentioned in name only?

  19. @ macmanx help me the latest wordpress update just crashed my blog after updating now i cant have access to my wordpress admin...pls urgent attention is my blog url ( and when i try to log in it shows me 404 not found and this is what shows on my tab

  20. @melkaya1984 This is the support forum for sites hosted by Please read this to understand why you are not posting in the correct forum.

    You need to seek assistance at

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