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Can't log in to account or blog

  1. I've been logging into my blog - for weeks now.

    Last week, I went to log in as usual, but couldn't.

    I can't log in to the main site either.

    When I try to log in, I get this message: "Please log in using your username instead of your email address."

    It doesn't matter whether I use my username or email address. I haven't changed my password either.

    Someone help?!

  2. The owner of that blog is registered under a different e-mail address and username.

    If you don't have access to your account or forgot the password, you can request a new password over here.

    Please follow the instructions carefully. You'll receive two separate emails during the reset process, so make sure you read them both. If you don't receive the emails right away, check your spam folders as well. The confirmation emails can get caught in them sometimes :)

  3. I own both email addresses. I had to create a new wordpress account to post this question as I can't log in using the one I'm having difficulties with.

    I've tried resetting my password, but to no avail. It doesn't matter what I change it to, the new one won't work.

    I haven't been receiving two emails though...are you sure that's the case? The wordpress password guide doesn't mention anything about two emails:

  4. Can you please try clearing out your cache?

    Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Firefox or Safari.

  5. I already have, and I experience it in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

    Even if I open a Chrome Incognito window, or turn on Safari's private browsing, the problem still persists.

  6. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled both Chrome and Firefox and it had no effect.

  7. What other e-mail address have you tried?

  8. All of the ones I use. And every combination of username and password I can think of.

    I didn't even change my username/password in the first place. I had them saved in Chrome's autofill feature and simply clicked 'log in' whenever I wanted to blog. Then about a week ago those details didn't work.

    I get the impression this a problem at WordPress' end?

  9. Have you tried using resetting the password with the e-mail address? Please make sure to also check you spam/junk e-mail folder.

  10. I have. That's the main one that I used to sign up to

    I click the reset password link and receive the email. Click the link in the email, set a new password, try to log in with it, and it doesn't work.

    I've been checking my spam folders too.

  11. I've sent a new password to your greyhouse e-mail address.

  12. Thanks. I tried it and I still get the same message?

    "Please log in using your username instead of your email address."

  13. Your username doesn't include '1' in the end.

  14. It's the [mail removed] username right?

    That's the one I was using up until this problem.

  15. *****

  16. Your username is henrytaylor

  17. No idea why Chrome had saved my email as the username and was still allowing me to log in, if that's the case.

    Thanks for your help.

  18. You're welcome :)

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