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    I have no trouble signing in to my personal wordpress blog, but when I try to sign in to my work’s account it won’t let me – the username and password are correct, and my editor and colleagues have no trouble logging in from their computers, so why won’t wordpress allow me to?? I’ve done it before, and I’ll sign out of my own beforehand, but I keep trying over and over and it won’t let me – and I NEED it to do my work. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to the blog linked to your username? Have you considered that many employers do not wish to pay employees to private blog from work using their computers? It’s possible that at your place of work the computer network you use is set up to block access. but of course I don’t know that for sure I suggest that you contact Staff and see if they can assist you. Please explain exactly what happens when you attempt to log-in to them.


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    It could be that you are having browser issues with your computer. Try a little troubleshooting to see if that clears it up:

    Can you log in to the work account with your work-username on a co-worker’s computer?



    Timethief – I am referring to the page linked to the publication I work for – the page I must access in order to do my work. Nothing has been blocked.

    1tess & Timethief: I work from my own laptop in the office. I am able to, with no problems, log onto my own wordpress, but I cannot log into the publication’s account
    – even though I have done so successfully many times before. But in the same office, on separate computers, my editor and colleagues are able to access the page without problems – and yes, the username and password are correct and are the same ones that they are using. That’s why this is so incredibly bizarre : s Thank you for the links, I will try them now : )

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