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Can't log in when trying to comment on other blogs

  1. I went to log in to comment on a book blog (specifically, here: and it asked for my wordpress account. But when I tried to log in, it said that my username didn't exist. I tried changing my password, logging in in to the site directly via another window and refreshing, but nothing works.

    I am also having issues accessing my Gravatar account and having THEM tell me my account doesn't exist.

    Obviously my account exists- I'm posting on here, and I can access the dashboards of my 3 blogs.

    I"m on Chrome.

  2. wordsdivinelywrought

    I wonder if my two situations are related to the above question (and apologies if I have veered off topic).

    I have tried on several occasions the past few days to Comment via Open ID on a blogspot blog. I get several "Open ID Error" msgs and have to try 3 times or so before it "takes." When it does, my avatar photo does not appear with my Comment, which I believe used to be the case.

    Also, I installed the Feedjit Live Traffic Feed widget (non-javascript) some weeks ago, but when I just now visited the Feedjit site and attempted to peek into the Blogosphere, I was told that I do not have a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed.

    Also, when I started up the Feedjit widget, I requested that my own visits be identified only as "United States." Now I am shown in some random town two states over.

    Unrelated coincidences? Or am I somehow not being read properly when I leave the world of WP?

    Thanks for any guidance.

  3. is not a WordPress.COM blog; it is entirely separate and you'd need to register there specifically in order to comment.

    I'm afraid blogspot problems have to be taken to Blogspot. Good luck with that.

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