Can’t Log into Admin in Mac OSX – cookies are enabled

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    I can log into the main wordpress site in both Safari an Firefox (In Mac OSX 10.4), but I can’t log into my blog admin area anymore. I have cookies fully enabled in both browsers. Please advise.



    What happens when you try to log in? Does it give you some sort of error or what?



    I am having the same problem with pc/win

    it happened after i changed the structure of the blog to /blog using the “Create Statig Pages” tutorial from WP….no idea what´s going on..



    eudescosta – sounds like your blog isn’t here.
    Ask at


    Yeah, what happens when you try and log in? And try running a lil’ maintenance, or cleaning out your browser might help too.



    I can’t log in on my Mac with Firefox to one of my blogs. The log in won’t accept the username or password for one of them.


    First of all, clear your browser cookies and cache, close your browser, reopen it and try logging in again.

    If that doesn’t work, go to and try logging in there.

    You can also try: .



    Thanks. I have cleared the cookies and cache and closed the browser and tried logging in again.

    Your advice works fine for the blog I can get into: but that is not the blog I am having trouble logging into. I do admin for another blog. Suddenly I cannot get into it. There are repeated requests for passwords that used to work.



    What’s the specific error that you are receiving?

    I note also that is not hosted here at and would have nothing to do with any account here at Is this other blog hosted here at or elsewhere? Can you please provide a link to it?


    Member is not hosted at wordpress, but the blog is:

    The other blog is

    Websites for both of these are hosted by ipowerweb.



    Blogs hosted here on are supported in this forum and all other wordpress blogs hosted elsewhere are supported at

    The ipowerweb blogs would need questions asked in the later :)



    If the artfaircalendar.wordpress blog is not yours, I would check with the owner of the blog to see if they perhaps changed something.

    Other than that, and the other two ways of logging in I suggested above I’m out of ideas.


    Member is mine. I can get into it. But when I try to get into the internetmillionairesecrets blog it won’t let me. When I cut and paste the address such as this: – it automatically puts “artmaven” into the address and takes me to artfaircalendar blog. It has worked for many months without a problem…suddenly it does not recognize me.

    Trent, I guess I don’t understand the difference. I have two websites. They are hosted by ipowerweb.
    One of my blogs I built entirely at wordpress…and there is only a link from my website to it. It is working fine.

    The other was built using the ipowerweb tools for wordpress. So who is the host?


    “This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”
    “Clicktrackers and any promotion of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising are expressly forbidden.
    If you are in any doubt, ask.”



    The blogs you pay hosting fees and that are hosted by ipowerweb have nothing to do with this forum and we cannot help you with them. They run on different software. The forum for those blogs is at at



    I am not able to get into my admin site either. I am receiving this error: “ERROR: WordPress requires Cookies but your browser does not support them or they are blocked.” and cannot figure out what to do.

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