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Can't log on to blog - help!

  1. Hello,

    I have only just started blogging and I have done something really stupid and can't log in.
    I was trying to set up permalinks for my blog. It was originally in the format:

    My hosting provider uses Windows servers so I couldn't add permalinks the normal way and it didn't work when I tried to add /index.php/%postname% either

    I then saw a blog saying that it might work if you were to add /index.php to your url, so in the wordpress interface where you fill in details about your blog, I changed the blogs url to

    Now, I can see my blog - but all the formatting and templates have gone! I can't log back into it to change the url back to and get it back to normal.

    Please can someone help me correct this? I was so pleased with the blog and have posted every day this month so far and I am devastated I can't get it working...Thanks in advance.

  2. i think you have a self-hosted blog, in which case you have to go to to place your query. this is the forum for bloggers hosted by please correct me if i'm mistaken.

  3. The terms 'hosting provider' and 'php' lead me to believe you are self-hosted. If so, you need to be at the forum at This forum is for free blogs hosted at We have no access to our php files.

  4. Oops - thanks for the advice - I'll go to and ask.

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