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Can't login from page

  1. Hello,

    This is very weird. For some reason, either from my computer at work or at home, whenever I get to the page to login, it freezes on me - I can't even type in my user and password. The only way thus far that I've found to be able to login (and type these words) was using the forum page via Google...

    Thx for your help!

  2. Do the cookie and cache dance. Log out and then clear you browser cookies and cache and then try logging in. It sounds like a cookie issue.

  3. You can also put the Meta widget in your sidebar and sign in directly from your blog. Another workaround that doesn't involve the home page is to add "/wp-admin" to your blog URL, like and log in from that. You have to bookmark it or remember it, but it's a useful workaround.

  4. Hi guys~ It's the same here.
    The WordPress front freezes, and now, can't be loaded.
    And many of the people may not know that they can sign in via this forum.
    If they cannot even sign in, how many would have a chance to add a Meta Widget, right?
    And... many untechnical people like us, we won't probably know how to add the Meta Widget smoothly.
    Rain Coaster's suggestion is however an easily one.
    Maybe WordPress is having an upgrade??? We should have been informed...
    Let's hope everything returns to normal soon.


  5. @scopttg
    See raincoaster's post right above yours for some additional ways to log in when others fail.

  6. Hi Sacred!

    Yeah I read. It's quite easy, but you need to remember.
    Just hope things returns to normal soon. :)
    How's your migration out of WordPress getting?

    I visited your blog. :)


  7. "you need to remember?" No, you really just need to come to the forum if you're having problems. You can do that even if you're not signed in, and do a search. That will bring up this thread, and you can follow the instructions.

  8. The other blog is up and running and I'm working on getting another one going here on with different subject matter. Not sure what that is going to be yet, but different.

  9. Rain Coaster, yup. Got you. :) I am here in the forum learning and checking on what's happening. Like now, I am aware of Robotx cos I come here, but still blur blur. I need to be more aware of Technical issues. So I seldom search back. But '/wp-admin' should be ok to remember.

    Scared, I hope you stay. Why not also play photos with me as the new theme for your old blog in WordPress? Nice folks are always welcomed. :) I'd go your new blog left a comment as sign of goodwill later on.


  10. allthingsbrightandbeautiful

    yeah, same here, have been trying to log in via for the past one hr to no avail, thanks raincoaster! that method works for me!

  11. I'm having the same problem. I cleared my cache, but now it won't recognize my username. It also as it turns out, has me logged on already, can't seem to log out. Strange!!!!!!!!! I came in through the forum and was logged in.

  12. yes it happens to me as well. i have to login from my instead of the main page. the main page just freezes without anything loading. is it some domain mapping issue?

  13. Now I'd report a new problem. I deleted a posting, and it just haunts the 'Manage Your Post' and won't go away. But the posting is deleted anyway even if the ghost appears.

    Maybe an upgrade is going on. Just to let the guys and gals know of this new 'sighting'.

  14. Thx a lot raincoaster - Hope they get the problem fixed however relatively soon since I'm sure other people who aren't aware of this thread are starting to freak out!

  15. Even after deleting temporary internet files, clearing cache, log out, restart computer and all the "first aid" a user has to do, it's still freezing and not able to log into The only remedy I fount useful is to type into my browser one of my blogs' url and from there on to log into using my meta widget. However if trying to get onto the page same strange thing happens, that is freezing, so next step is to go to the support page and from there on to the forums.

  16. Well, I'm pleased to say that the log-in from the main wp page is resolved and logging into my account works fine. Thanks guys.

  17. many thanks to raincoaster, the /wp-admin really does the trick. I tried to login on the front page, but nothing... but when I accessed the /wp-admin, it showed me as already logged =)

    guess I'll put that Meta widget you talked about...

  18. The Meta widget is a lifesaver. When all else fails I have used it to log in to my blog. :)

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