Can't login or change password due to email deactivation HELP PLEASE

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    Hello- Can someone please take a minute to help me?? Ive already sent a notice to tech support a week ago and got nothing.
    I originally created my main blog two years ago using my student email to activate it. That student email has long been deactivated due to the Webadvisor at my college deleting all student email accounts at the end of each semester. So even when I try to login in with it, WordPress doesn’t recognise it.
    Now I can’t gain access from my home computer. Im already logged in to this blog through my phone, but I don’t remember the password and I can’t have it resent to the original email account because it no longer exsists.
    I’ve also attempted it to change the email address to a regular email account I do use in order to change the password, but I only receive a link from wordpress with a link that doesn’t do anything but route me back to the home page. It doesn’t confirm/allow me to reset my email??

    This has now become rediculous. I can’t gain access to my blog that Ive had for years.
    I can’t reset my password because of the original one that was used is now deactivated and can’t even change my email in order to get a new password sent to me.
    I don’t know what else I can do? PLEASE HELP. THANKS.



    blog in question is-



    Hi there,

    I see that James is already helping you via email. I’m going to close this thread.


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