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Can't login or reset my password to my main username

  1. Hi,

    I have 2 usernames lilandra and lilandrax. I don't post with lilandrax, I just have it because that is my username on youtube. I post as lilandra on my husband's blog. However, I think it may be a problem with using the same email address with both. I didn't know that wordpress didn't allow you to do that.

    When I push password reset for the username lilandra it doesn't go to my email that is registered with it at all. I know this is the right email because on my husband's blog,it is the email associated with my comments. However, when I push password reset on the lilandrax account it will go to the email account. I tried changing the email for lilandrax, but it still goes to the email with my main account when I password reset.

    It is very frustrating I don't know how to fix it.

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