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Can't login to main blog due to maintenance...

  1. I've got two blogs here that I write on regularly. One of them, I can access the dashboard fine. The other one, my main one, I can't access due to maintenance. What's weird is:

    1) I saw nothing about maintenance recently
    2) When I first tried to access this blog, it said my dashboard would be unavailable for 5 minutes or so. Now whenever I reload the page, the time appears to be going UP. It's not saying my dashboard won't be available for the next 23 minutes.

    What's up?

    edit: make that 24 minutes.. argh.

  2. I am getting the same thing. Every time I log out then log back in it goes up 10 more minutes.
    What does give?

  3. I don't know of anything going on either. You are hosted here at and not self-hosted somewhere? It seems you must be hosted here. I will let the staff know.


  4. Yep, both blogs are here at I was going to send an email to support, but when I clicked on Support up top, I was informed that support is closed for the weekend. D'oh.

  5. Yes my blog is at It is I am up to 31 minutes now.

  6. Hah, I've got you beat wilkenovella, I'm at 33. ;)

  7. dashboard now says 34 minutes

  8. Im at 34 hahha man I hope they fix this soon

  9. I'm installing a desktop blogging app now (w.bloggar) to see if I can post through it.

  10. Cool, have hit the 36 minute mark.

  11. Sorry everyone, but it must be some unscheduled stuff! I am sure it will be fixed pretty soon as it must not be affecting everyone (yet)!


  12. far I have not been able to get to my dashboard for over 1.5 hours...strange

  13. No prob Trent, I know they'll fix it.

  14. Same problem here for my "primary blog." It went down to one minute but now it's gone up to 39. My other two blogs work fine though.

  15. Mine now says it will be down for 41 minutes (have been dealing with this one for over 1 1/2 hours. Is my main and only blog.

  16. I'm up to 43 minutes, man this is my main and only blog here, I wonder how long this will really take to fix. I was able to access my dash about 3 hours ago, I have been having problems all day.

  17. up to 50 minutes for maintenance...makes me a tad bit frustrated

  18. All methods of alerting staff have been done now. I will report back if I get word of anything promising!


  19. It works for me now. Yay. :)

  20. Same, all fixed for me. :)

  21. Good to hear!


  22. All is good here

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