Can’t logon to post on my blog!

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    I can log on to these forums finally, but I am unable to logon to post or edit my blog (or other blogs where I am an administrator). Please help!! This is VERY FRUSTRATING! I have been unable to logon for two days now.

    I have changed my password many times, I get my new password e-mailed to me, copy and paste it into the password box, and it still says “incorrect password.” Someone help!!



    I also experienced same problem. I only can logon from my laptop and not from public place like internet cafe. They also said that the problem also with the cookie even I have check the cookie and it can accept cookie. It not only happen at one Internet Cafe but at least 4 internet cafe.



    johnnycougar, I reset your password. Check your inbox.

    calupict, what browser are you using at these cafes? Any information you have will be helpful.



    I’ve used computers in my home on both Firefox and IE. no access to Dashboard.

    I’ve used computers in my computer lab over at my university, with both Firefox and IE. no access to Dashboard.



    Kinda the same thing is happening to me. I can log in; however when I’m logged in, clicking dashboard, new post etc all leads to a signup page.
    Are the server issues resolved? Could it be that my account is somehow corrupted because I signed it up during the time when the servers were freaking out?


    Yes, that must be it. I created a new blog, and it seemed to work perfectly. Now I’d like to remove the soundandcomplete account and re-create it. Is this possible? (Keep in mind I can’t access my dashboard with this account)

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