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Can't make a multiple returns or line breaks

  1. Hi,

    For some reason I cannot get posts formatted the way I would like. It had become impossible to have multiple line breaks or returns. I am making post via the wordpress web interface. If I use the HTML view and add <p> </p>,
    , or
    , it get automatically removed.

    I have seen a bunch of other people posting with this problems, but there are never answers that fit for me. First of all, [strong] I am not using Safari [/strong]. I am using Firefox3 on WinXP. I see that it is repeatedly said that TinyMCE does not work well with Safari, but I am using Firefox. I like the visual editor, and don't want to go to writing in html or using an offline editor.

    As far as I can tell, this is a TinyMCE problem (it can't be blamed on Safari here)

  2. Great, it seems that <br /> works in the forum, but not in my blog . . .

    (there was a <br /> and <br /> after the <p> </p> bit)

    (and I got confused there with the bb code for strong)

  3. You can use this between paragraphs.
    <p> </p>

  4. Okay. Is this something that's going to be fixed, or is there a reason its this way? That's not something that people are going to guess.

  5. Well, I just tried adding the bit you suggested
    <p> </p>
    It still has the same problem. I inserted it in HTML mode. When I switch back to visual mode there is no change. If I go back to HTML mode, the inserted string is gone. Again, this is with Firefox3 on WinXP.

    Any othere ideas?

  6. That is the way HTML works, always has been really. Extra line breaks are stripped out as are extra spaces.

    I just tried using the code I gave you and you are right, it is not working any longer. It always has in the past.

    Alternately, put a period on each line between the paragraphs and then make them the save color as the background in the post area.

  7. One thing to remember is that the web is not a wordprocessor or page layout program. The myriad of formatting controls available to you on your home computer simply aren't available on the web. Some changes can be made to line spacing and such via CSS, but it would effect all of your text, not just in one spot between a couple paragraphs.

    You're other choice is to use the "pre-format" style from the pulldown in the visual editor however, you will then be limited to mono-spaced type.

  8. Thanks for the help thesacredpath. It would seem to make the most sense to keep "br" html tags, but in the mean time your suggestion of adding a background colored period works ok (and is just as easy as adding <p> </p>

    Thanks again! I contacted support to see if they have any different ideas too.

  9. Please let us know here if support offer any alternatives. I posted a 2k-word article yesterday and it looks horribly text heavy. I'd love to put some space between the subheadings.

  10. If you've got subheadings, why not use an icon, the way old-fashioned books do? Center it above the subhead and it should look pretty good. You can probably get one that would work with your blog from a font site, and just re-use the same one.

  11. That's a great idea! Thank you. I'm off to search out icons. :)

  12. Your solution worked brilliantly, raincoaster. Thanks for your help!

  13. After some experimentation, I found a combination that doesn't get stripped away:
    <p align="none"> </p>
    (As many times for as many blank lines; works with any alignment indicator.)

  14. Ah, that'll be useful. Hopefully it will stay that way.

    @davidbridger, you're welcome.

  15. bahistoryofscience

    I have found that if you 1. open kitchen sink, 2. highlight all text in post, 3. convert to 'preformatted', 4. convert back to 'paragraph', then the 'visual' editing screen line breaks appear in the published post. I have no idea why this works, or whether it is alright for composing / viewing in browsers other than firefox.

  16. Is there a way to force a two-line Title? The above suggestions work in the body of the post, but nothing I've tried works in the Title line just above the body of the post.

  17. If you have the CSS upgrade it's possible, but otherwise no code will work in titles as far as I'm aware.

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