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    hi, I am trying to make a payment for but when I try I keep getting “you are logged in as and therefore you can’t make a purchase for

    Yet, I am editing etc

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is not a blog, so there are no upgrades that you can buy for it. Did you mean to move that URL to point to instead? Then you need the Domain Mapping upgrade, and you buy that from the mysticalmusic dashboard.


    thank you, but how is not a wordpress blog. I built it in wordpress


    below is the wordpress email that I received, but when I press button to update credit card, I am taken to mysticalmusic

    From WordPress:

    The payment information for Premium on Padulo Integrated Inc. is out of date, our records indicate that it expired in April 2013. This upgrade includes all the upgrades as well as a free domain, with 40% savings. Premium costs $99.00, and it is set to expire in 59 days, on January 24, 2014. If that upgrade expires, all the bundled upgrades will be removed, and your site will no longer be available at


    Member – is not a WordPress.COM site – but it looks like you had the site here – the domain name is registered here, you should be able to renew just the domain name at ( $ 6.-/year)

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades

    I have flagged this for the staff to help if you have problems splitting the bundle


    thank you :) however I can’t see the store on the dashboard of
    I can however see the store option however on mysticalmusic
    mysticalmusic was just a trial site that I don’t want anymore. I just want and am willing to pay the $99 for premium etc
    thanks again :)



    Since is a WordPress.ORG install, there will be no store there

    the renewal probably is at – that is a WordPress.COM site – all that is needed is the domain registration, no need to spend the extra $ 93.- for something you are not using – just the domain registration should be all you need


    thanks again :)

    what would the extra $93 give me?

    So, if I understand, all I need to renew is mysticalmusic and will automatically renew too?

    also, does anyone else other than me have access to dashboard? It should be just me that has access. :)



    what would the extra $93 give me?

    Since you are no longer hosted on WordPress.COM – nothing useful

    You need to renew the domain registration for which is probably done from the Dashboard of – is free by itself – just don’t delete it since you need the Dashboard for the store. And if you ever want to use the JetPack Plugin, you would need a blog here for some of it’s features to work and could be used for that



    It looks like the domain is owned/managed by a different account. If that’s also your account, you can log out of your mysticalmusic account and log into the other account and you should be able to access your upgrades there.

    It also appears that while the premium upgrade is expiring soon, the domain itself has been renewed through 2015, so you don’t need to do anything with further at this time.




    Since does not go to a blog here and the domain name ends up at –

    Domain Helper shows some sort of mapping related to – but no blog name is displayed.

    The question I have – – is the bundle being used somewhere I can’t see for anything else but Domain Registration which might make most of the bundle not needed – other than the domain registration –




    @auxclass, it looks like they had the domain pointing to a blog in the past but have subsequently moved it elsewhere. At the time they had the premium bundle but that’s going to expire soon, which like you suggest is fine since it is no longer needed. The domain appears to have been renewed separately, and is not expiring for over a year.


    oh no, my blog has been taken over it seems. when I go to it goes to

    what do I do?

    thank you :)



    Hang in there as Staff will post again to help you.


    thank you :)



    Sorry for the confusion. The domain that is under the mysticalmedia account is

    The domain is owned by a different account and is pointing to a GoDaddy site now.


    Hi, I paid for

    How could someone else have taken the domain and pointed it to another GoDaddy site?

    I really need your help. PaduloMedia is mine. I purchased it and I was using it for about 10 months, until last week all of a sudden out of nowhere it became

    All my work is gone

    I can give you my payment details etc if necessary

    Many thanks :)




    It looks like there are two separate accounts involved. You may have set up the other account at another point in time, so it could also be yours, but you will need to log into that account to access the domain.

    You can try different email addresses in our password reset tool to see if you can regain access to that other account:

    If you are unable to access the account, you can contact our account recovery team by clicking on the “Need more help?” link on the password recovery form.


    Hi :) I have just completed a wordpress site:

    I would like this also to be an iPhone and iPad App

    Is there an automatic way to do this?

    Many thanks and Happy New Year :)



    We have no way to automatically turn a site into an app for mobile devices. You are welcome to review the documentation at for more information on development options.

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