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Can't make dashboard welcome page reappear

  1. I've owned a WordPress blog for many years, but I can't make the Welcome box appear on my dashboard. I removed it a long time ago and I want to make it reappear again. Is there any way to possibly do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is an empty blog
    Which blog are you referring to? I've been here for over 6 years and I don't recall seeing a welcome box on my dashboard in 2006. Those who join now have a video on their dashboard. They also have a link to the learn tutorial on the bottom of their Admin page.

  3. Oh, sorry. Yeah, I started a new blog for a computer class I'm taking. My old blog is

    Anyhow, I wasn't sure where I could see the video again. I removed it a long time ago from my dashboards. I'm sure that there's some easy link to find the video again. I also saw the tutorial before. That's a relief. I can't remember the welcome stuff on the WordPress dashboard too well.

  4. I'm sorry I can't help with this. Hopefully someone else will be able to provide the answer to how to locate the video link.

  5. My only suggestion is to try the "way back machine" to see if the video was archived. Timethief has been on longer than I have and I don't recall seeing anything like that. Sorry. Maybe someone else will have other information.

  6. Ah, okay. I think I remember most of the video anyways. I was looking at one of my lab assignments and it had the "Welcome to video." It probably has a lot of stuff I already know.

  7. Yeah, all the stuff is probably in there. I did a Google search for the "Zero-to-hero" guide and it directed me to the same website. I already know most of the information in there.

    Man, I hope I learn some more useful information in my Web publishing class. I'm supposed to learn about publishing with Microsoft Web Expressions and some other things. I can't wait until I get through all the same old blogging information. It already feels a bit like old Web 2.0 technology.

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