can't make featured post slider in Oxygen themes

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    Please help me, I can’t make featured post slider in Oxygen Theme…. I’ve done everything but still it does’ appear…. What should I do????

    The blog I need help with is



    Define “everything” please.


    Hi, I’m also was not able to configure the post slider. Actually I didn’t find where to do it.
    Someone has done this before?

    Thanks – Paula



    me too,

    ive done all the setting according to alien wpinstructions, ive set it as font page in reading, trying to find location to pick it as primary content, cant find location option. looked in screen options to tick it but its just not there??

    help!! thanks x



    Hi guys,

    I’m no expert but I have gotten it working — mostly.

    Ignore the “Location” instructions; I think they are outdated.

    Here’s what I did:

    For each post that you want a picture to appear in the slider,

    (1) Set the Featured Image for that post.

    (2) Mark that post as Sticky (via “Quick Edit” from the “All Posts” screen)

    The page that you want to have the Sticky Posts “featured image slider” on — that page should use the “Showcase Page” template. If that is your front page, then you also need to go to Settings –> Reading and select “Front Page displays” –> “A Static Page” then choose the page that is your Showcase page.

    Let me know how this works.



    I’ve got it working for 4 of my 6 Sticky Posts.


    My questions:

    (1) Not sure why it’s not working for the other two (maybe has to do with photo quality?).

    (2) Also not sure how to make the front page Full Width — I want to abolish all Widgets.



    Thanks to this thread, I was motivated to run a little experiment.

    The photos have to be high-resolution.

    It works for me when I use photos that are like 3000×3000 or greater.

    It doesn’t work for me with photos that are like 720×960.



    so what happens with the low resolution pics? they just don’t appear?
    I followed the steps you mentioned, but just for the only 2 articles i have now on my blog, and as soon as i change the page to a “static page” the slider won’t appear nor the articles posted, is that because of the pics resolution?



    My suggestion: find a super high resolution image and try using that with the post. If the post shows up in the featured slider with that image then you know the low-resolution of your other photos is your problem. Make sense?

    Yes, in my experience, I had 6 images (4 were high res, 2 were low res) and my featured slider had 4 pictures/posts — corresponding to the high resolution pictures. The posts associated with low-res images just didn’t show up in the slider.

    Good luck!

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