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    Hi again! For some reason when I italicize words in a Blockquote, the italics don’t show up. I had tweaked the Blockquote code to get rid of the borders and move the indent over a little more, and I’m sure I messed it up somehow.

    What’s there now:

    .entry-content blockquote,.entry-content blockquote[class*=”align”],.comment-content blockquote {
    padding:0 3em;
    margin:1.538em 0;
    border:0 solid #ccc;

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Add this:

    font-style: italic;


    No, that will make it all italic. I want it to just be regular, but then when I choose to italicize words when I writing a post, THOSE would be italicized. As follows:

    Me: I went to the store today. (And it was 100 degrees out!)

    Thanks though!



    You may have to add this manually when you write posts, either by using the “visual” interface, highlighting the text you want italicized and clicking “em” or by putting and around the phrases you want italicized in the HTML view.
    So in your example the HTML view would look like:
    <p>Me: I went to the store today. <em>(And it was 100 degrees out!)</em>.</p>
    If that doesn’t work, there is some other CSS that’s overriding that functionality.


    Yeah I was trying that before but it didn’t work, that why I figured I had messed up the blockquote css.

    Except that I just took out that CSS code to test it, and it still didn’t work. So then I removed my entire custom CSS, but it STILL wouldn’t do the italics! WTH!



    That’s because the CSS of the theme specifies normal font style for the em, i and cite tags inside blockquotes. You need to add this to your CSS:

    .entry-content blockquote cite,
    .entry-content blockquote em,
    .entry-content blockquote i,
    .comment-content blockquote cite,
    .comment-content blockquote em,
    .comment-content blockquote i {
    	font-style: italic;

    That works. Yay! Thanks so much, much appreciated.



    You’re welcome!

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