Can't make my blog with my domain name!

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    I was changing around a bunch of stuff with my blog and got myself into this predicament: When I log in and go to Settings it says that my domain name is, but then I go to the Blog tab and it says that i do not have a blog. When I try and make a blog with this domain name it says it is already used. Then when I search for my blog is right there. What is going on?



    The account that you are posting from does not own the site. So that is probably the crux of your issue.

    Could you have had a second account at some point?


    Yes, sort of. I made a blog and then wanted to change the domain name but I was confused and added the new domain name before I deleted the old. There was probably a much better way to do this. Now the old domain name is gone and the new one is stuck in some sort of limbo. It is there, but I can’t use it. Is there any way I can fix this?


    The weirdest thing is the the right domain name is right there in my account details. It says that my web address is (email redacted). I only ever had one account on wordpress, it just seems that when I deleted my other blog this address somehow got tied up with that too.



    So it looks like you inadvertently made a new account rather than a new blog. You are going to need to either remember the login details for your other account, or use this link to start the account recovery process.


    That is not the case because I just made my first ever wordpress account three days ago and I am using the one and only log in information that I have ever used. It can’t be a different account if I am logging in with the same information. I remember my log in details and when I log in it says that is my domain name but will not let me use it.



    What is the URL of the page where you are seeing as your domain?



    Does it show under “web address” or under “primary blog”?


    under the web address



    So that is a user defined field. Meaning that you can put anything you want in there. You could put in It does not indicate that has assigned you that domain.


    Oh, that sucks. So I will have to come up with a new blog address? Thanks for the help :)



    Yes, it appears you will.

    Or, if you believe the account that owns is an old account of yours, you could use the account recovery process I linked to above.

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