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Can't make new posts on my blog

  1. When I log in to, I can no longer make posts, access my Dashboard, etc. I updated my password to no avail.

    I tried clearing the browser cache and cookies. It didn't help.

    I'm using Firefox 17.0.1 on Mac OS 10.6.8

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What do you see when you log in? Is this the only username you have?

  3. Yes, this is the only username I've ever had. Nothing has changed except my laptop got a new hard drive. I tried Chrome and Safari too and the WP interface after signing in appears the same on all of them.

    On the menu bar, from left, the WordPress "W" under which the choices are Reader, Notifications, Create a Blog, Freshly Pressed, and Settings.

    Next to that, think + do, which is where I used to be able to access the dashboard and post new content. Now I only have Shortlink, Random Post, Theme, and Report this Content.

    It almost seems like WordPress doesn't believe I'm an approved administrator for the site, when in fact I'm the only administrator.

    On the right side of the screen, there is an icon to view all notifications, a long screen name I've never seen before "akismet-f1ed11a6b498…" under which I can Find Friends, Create a Blog, Help, or Sign Out.

    And on the extreme right there is an icon for Search.

  4. Oooooh, I remember the akismet-whatever error, but I haven't seen it in a few years. It is related to your email address, if I'm remembering correctly. I'll flag this for staff help.

  5. From the Admin Bar support page:

    When visiting one of your own blogs, the Blog Menu provides you with nifty shortcuts for managing your blog’s content, such as taking you straight to your Comments, Customizer, and Widget pages.

    If you’re browsing a site that you do not own, you will only see the bottom portion of text (shown in a gray-ish hue above).

    For some reason WordPress doesn't think I own my blog and I'm no longer able to post new content. This is bad!

    I need help or my blog is dead.

    Nothing has changed but my computer's hard drive was swapped out. Why doesn't WordPress recognize me?

  6. I have flagged this for staff support. A lot of people are getting similar errors.

  7. Thanks. I'm hoping someone will have a fix.

  8. @raincoaster
    There aren't very many who have this issue posting here at all any more. I wish we could track down what they have in common, assuming that it's the same cause in all cases, but so far there have been multiple causes.

  9. So do I have no recourse? Do I need to shut down my blog? Is there a way to migrate everything to a new blog that doesn't have this problem?

  10. Wait for a staff response. That's the best we can do. They CAN fix this.

  11. I'm having trouble selecting any options....the bottom bar is working, with forum etc. but when I try clicking anything up top, nothing is's like it doesn't know I'm clicking, or the pages aren't available, although there is no message saying it's not available.

  12. @danwoychick I made some changes. Can you please try clearing out your cache?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    @athleteagogo I've just replied to you by e-mail.

  13. Sorry. No change. I've tried three different computers, two different browsers, cleared the cache, cleared the cookies, refreshed the page …

    No matter what I do, when I log in I no longer have access to the Dashboard or the ability to make new posts on my blog. See above.

    It doesn't appear to think this is my blog or that I'm the site administrator.

  14. I see the confusion here, the blog ( is registered under a different account name. If you don't have access to your account or forgot the password, you can request a new password over here.

    Please follow the instructions carefully. You'll receive two separate emails during the reset process, so make sure you read them both. If you don't receive the emails right away, check your spam folders as well. The confirmation emails can get caught in them sometimes :)

  15. Can you email me the account name that this site is registered under?

    [email redacted]

    I signed in happily using my email for years and then something happened on log in after the new year. I was asked for the account and passowrd and kept getting it wrong.

    I already reset the password twice. I don't even know why I have two accounts. I know I only have one email.

  16. For security reasons we can't give out such account information to users other than the blog owner. Might it be possible that the other account has been registered by someone else within the company/family? You might want to check that.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. I AM the blog owner. No one else registered this or contributes to it.

    If I have a single email but more than one account -- and I request a change of password -- which account will I be updating?

    The account name is one of three names -- either way the email would be the same. I used to have a family blog (which is probably the reason for the second account), but this blog/account has always been for my business.

  18. I've just sent you a private e-mail. Closing this thread.

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