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Can't manage posts

  1. I have 26 posts on my site, yet when I go to Manage Posts, it only lists 15 and does not give me a way (that I can see) to manage the other posts. Help?
    I'm pretty sure it's a new problem.


  2. At the bottom right of the page with the 15 entries should be the word "next". That will lead to earlier posts.

  3. It used to, but now there's nothing there. :( Hence, this post.

  4. Oh, ick. If it's only a few posts, you could try searching from Manage to get them. Other than that, you probably need back-end intervention from support.

  5. Hmm... searching from Manage? I'll give it a look and see if I know what you mean. Not sure, still sorta new here! :/

    Thanks, though, ella!

  6. Oh.. um, that's what I AM trying to do. I select 'Manage' from dashboard, then 'Posts'. It lists only the first 15 with nothing further at the bottom.

    Yeah, I guess I need support.

  7. Just curious -- what browser are you using?

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