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    I am trying to rearrange widgets on my blog but I cannot. Not that I don’t know how but they won’t move. I select and drag them to the location and nothing. I am running Win7 and IE9, the blog is “a fork and the road.”, any thoughts?


    The blog I need help with is


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    You might try to enable accessibility mode.
    Find Screen Options on the upper right of your screen. Click to enable.


    @tess, accessibility mode will allow them to add widgets, but not move them around and arrange them.

    IE9 is BETA (as in not finished). Never use a beta browser for production work. You can keep it around to play with, but don’t expect it to work everywhere. WordPress will not seriously work on any compatibility issues until IE9 comes out of beta because it is like trying to hit a moving target blindfolded.


    “accessibility mode will allow them to add widgets, but not move them around and arrange them.”

    Not correct: “Position” dropdown included.


    Well, I removed IE9 and that did not resolve the issue. I also logged into my account from a different computer and still have the same problem, the icons will nto drag and drop. The compatibility mode works but I still do not understand why no drag and drop.


    What browser are you now using? IE8 has been working fine as long as compatibility view is on.

    Have you tried Firefox by chance?



    Yeah, give it a try in Firefox and/or Safari.

    Most of your readership will not be viewing your post in IE9 Beta, so for now there’s no need for that to be your native viewer for WP Post Editor.


    IE9 is fine for viewing blogs from what I can tell, it is just that it has resurrected ancient bugs that were hatched in IE6 (can’t drag and drop widgets in the dashboard).



    IE9 is still in Beta, and thus it’s inadvisable to use it as a Primary option right now as your Browser. There was something out recently about IE9 and WP not being fully compatible yet (including the Widget issue), as well as some other major sites.

    The way many people customize their Blog layout combined with WP’s Interface, things are bound to ‘break’ more-so than usual.

    With IE9 implementing a lot of new features, it’ll take sometime for it to be worked out fully, and exit Beta.

    Which is why I suggested above for aforkandtheroad to give it a test in FireFox and/or Safari and see if he encounters the same issues (which I think he may not). :)

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