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Can't obtain individual page content files

  1. First, exporting XML file(s) is not what I'm looking for.

    I created a site from scratch,, in the hopes of using its contents to replace those of my old site I installed WP into a new directory ("/public_html/NewSite3") at my old site's host server ( The host asked me to simply move my WP content files into this directory at the host.

    Problem is, I don't see a way to obtain the files I need from WP. Already tried exporting XMLs (the closest I can find) --- uploaded them to my host OK, but they don't work as pages for the old site. Rather than having one file for entire groups of WP pages/posts (as exporting XMLs does), I need to obtain separate files for each page. Then I can upload them to my host to serve as individual new web pages.

    To be sure, I'm using, not .org. It seems all data is stored online, and I have no way of accessing files/folders of my data, beyond said exporting.

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are 2 very different flavors of WordPress:
    If you are using a self-hosted site then you are in the wrong forum.

    Please read about the differences here and make friends over at wp.ORG:

  3. I apologize: misunderstood what you are talking about.
    Are you asking about how to map your blog to a domain you own and have hosted somewhere else?

  4. Thanks for all the links. I didn't even know the diff b/t .com/.org, so it all helps. Re: mapping, not sure if that describes my situation or not.
    Here's my situation:

    I do have a domain already registered, and a site hosted (, somewhere else. I had built the site yrs ago with FrontPage, which I no longer own and don't want to use again anyway. I want to improve my site by replacing it with entirely new content. I heard WordPress is good for building sites. So I used it (.com) to create my new content. This content is done and ready to go in my WP dashboard. My host ( says I need to move the files of this content into it (the host), where my old files are. I just read that accounts don't include access to the blogger's database (files?). ( support: "You do not control the software or the database; FTP and shell access are not included"). Closest thing I can find to obtaining any type of file from WP is to export xml. But those files are not what I need. So I'm in a bind.

    The only reason I came to WP was to build the content, and then move it to my host. What I just read about mapping to WP seems to add unnecessary layers of complexity and cost for what I want, which is simply changing the content of my current site. But I could be wrong, maybe this is what I have to do / exactly what I need. --Although w/ FrontPage, none of these extra layers were required. I'm starting to think maybe I should look for a way to re-create the site again in another software program, if my host offers a more direct way to build and publish site contents.


  5. I don't understand: does the standard Export process not work for you?

    Go to Dashboard->Tools->Export and export your blog. Then on the new blog go to Dashboard->Tools->Import. What is the problem?

  6. @raincoaster
    I believe that the identified "web host" above may not be a WordPress.ORG web host.

  7. True, it sounds like they want the entire structure, including theme and databases, and that's not possible. But it's not necessary either; you can just install themes from anywhere on a blog. If the software is installed, you should be good to go.

  8. Thanks for comments.
    Yes, I've already exported and imported without ultimate success. More detail:
    Exported xml from "good" site ( into my computer. Imported this xml file into my wordpress installation in "old" site: (, which is hosted at In WP dashboard of, I verified that all the pages/posts did transfer.

    However, they don't appear public on -- my ultimate goal.

    Actually, itself is in shambles. I also can no longer reach my WP admin pages for either or I can, luckily, still log into the "good" site (

    Taking a step back, my only goal is to replace the old contents of with those of

    What is the best way to achieve that?

    (BTW, it's a very small, simple site, and I don't mind re-doing the whole thing in another program if it means this nightmare can end).


  9. The best way to do that is with exactly what you are doing, but with the destination site not working, importing will not accomplish this. I think you need to go over to WordPress.ORG and look there for solutions.

  10. If you don't have many posts, you can always just go to Edit them, copy them in the HTML editor, and paste them in the new blog. Then add title, categories and tags, and post it.

  11. Happy to say it's solved! Startlogic (host) support reported back: "I have corrected the permalink code in the .htaccess file". Apparently that was the cause, as it works now. Not sure how that code had been altered. Thanks all for your help. I've learned a lot. Phew...

  12. Great to hear!

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