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Can't Page Back in Forum

  1. Is it just me? I can't get to Page 2, Page 3, or any other page of any forum. When I click the link to a back page, I simply get the first page reloading.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There was another post here in the forums on that issue yesterday. I sent in a support ticket on it, but they couldn't reproduce the issue on any browser.


  3. And of course I can't find the post...because it's not on the front page!

  4. I just tried now in the support forum. No matter what page I click on at the bottom, only the first page loads. I've even tried right-clicking and loading the page in a new tab. Still the first page.

  5. @rain, send in another ticket. It is an issue and I can verify that I'm seeing exactly what you and Jennifer are.

  6. Thanks Richard. Hope they fix what's broken soon.

  7. I hope they can somehow reproduce the issue. I'll follow up the email from Hanni with more detail.

  8. THanks, will do.

  9. I followed up with Hanni also.

  10. I'm navigating through the forum just fine
    are you using Firefox 3.0.9 ?

    You can go to your menu > Help > about Firefox
    to see your version of Firefox.

    I'm currently using Firefox 3.1 beta 3
    and can not reproduce the issue you're

  11. 3.09, yes.

  12. Just switched to FF 3.0.9 in safe mode thinking that might help with the various problems, but no go.

  13. It must be a issue with 3.0.9 because their is another thread
    where their experiencing adifferent issue but most comfirmed
    their browser is 3.0.9

    here is the thread.

  14. I haven't experienced that issue at all.

  15. I can't either and I'm on FF 3.0.9.

    I've just tried some more browsers and have the same issue on Safari for Windows, Chrome, Opera and IE7 on Vista 32bit.

    Have you guys pointed to support to this thread?

  16. Starting with, I think, 3.0.6 I started seeing more and more issues with FF here in the forums that had never been a problem before, and we've had three pretty quick updates to FF so my feeling is that FF may have slipped on a banana peel.

    The only issue I've experienced with FF has been the forum page/next/previous thing mentioned in this thread. I'm reluctant to do beta browsers in general due to the fact that they are beta. I got in on the IE7 beta stuff and vowed never again. If I had nightmares, which I don't, I would still be having them over IE7 beta.

  17. Yes, I gave them both links to both threads.

  18. So did I.

  19. There have been a ton of issues here on the forums with FF 3.0.9 where people wouldn't see the post screen properly or upload media [I meant to tag those threads actually, but it slipped my mind..].

    My guess is we'll probably have another FF update this week, I read somewhere of a security issue introduced by 3.0.9.

  20. FF has in my experience always been very solid, so I'm willing to cut them a little slack, but I too hope they will get things together soon.

  21. I've been having issues with it ever since switching to FF3 last summer, but I don't see an alternative in speed/addons, so I'm stuck with it regardless!

  22. The one thing I've noticed lately is that the darn browser will hang for quite a long time when I try to type URLs into it, then it will come up with the History of links relating to what I'm trying to type. But it's so slow it's actively interfering with my typing.

  23. I'm finally able to reproduce in Safari 4 beta while logged out. Investigating...

  24. Thanks.

  25. There was a permissions problem with one of the forum plugins that was updated. Should be fixed now.

  26. Excellent, thanks!

  27. Thanks, Nick!

  28. Excellent, thanks!

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