Can’t paste cut materials to editor.

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    I tried to cut a link and some story to my editor, but it can’t because the ‘paste’ option isn’t available!
    Please assist. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    If you are copying from another source, then you use ctrl-c or cmd-c to copy and then use ctrl-v or cmd-v to paste. The copy and paste icons in the editor only work in the editor itself.



    Thanks! Now I have another issue… Bad.
    Look at my blog, all the postings’ fonts become so big!!! What happened?


    You’ve got the “h1” font style applied to all the text in your first post. Go in and remove the h1 font tags.



    No, the ENITIRE blog even for the previous postings I never touched today become like that!!!

    Take a look and see for yourself! I only edit one new posting, and here… all the rest are in H1 fonts! It’s not my fault. Something is wrong with the server or what.


    I DID look, and the only one that I see with an issue is the first post. All the rest of the posts on the main page have normal sized text.

    Take the span tag declaring the h1 font out of the first post and take out the ending span tag as well. That will fix the issue.

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