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    I really want to be able to pin my images to pinterest from the wp gallery that I have on several of my pages eg

    This used to work in the past but now it doesn’t work. The dialogue box pops up, but there’s obviously some sort of bug or something as it gets stuck and won’t work. I’ve tried several techniques in firefox and safari including the pinmarklet and the firefox right click add on. Even if I try and add the pin manually from pinterest, linking to the page, it doesn’t work.

    I have the wp sharing pin it button installed on the page, but this obviously only works with the images on that page which in my example are thumbnails for the gallery which are no good to pin as they’re just too small.

    I need to know there is a way to pin from the gallery otherwise I’d have to leave wordpress as not having a way to pin an image is too big a deal for me and those that will read my blog.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    The pin it button is JavaScript. We cannot use JavaScript pin-it widgets nor can we install any plugins on free hosted blogs, so do be clear on that please.

    You can capture an image of a Pinterest icon and upload it, link to it and display it in a text widget. I have done this here in the text widget at the top of my sidebar for those who want to follow me on Pinterest and here on my About page

    For creating links in a text widget see:

    You can upload image files by clicking the Add Media button right above the editing area of a page or a post.

    You can also upload new files to your Media Library using Media → Add New.

    See also

    For troubleshooting see

    You enable sharing buttons including a Pinterest one to display at the bottom of your posts.



    Hi @timethief, thanks for your response although I think you got the wrong end of the stick (I probably didn’t explain things properly). I know you can’t have the whole pin it hover thing on images. I was just talking about being able to simply pin images from a wordpress gallery rather than the tiny thumbnails you get on the main page to pinterest so that you can trace back the url to my website.

    Anyway – I think I’ve been able to fix the issue. It seems as if it was a problem with the pin it firefox add on I was using as I then noticed a similar issue on another website. I basically tried about 5 different add ons in firefox, chrome and safari and eventually found one that works for wp-gallerys. Thankfully, I can now pin images directly from my wordpress site straight to pinterest so they can be traced back to my url.

    Thanks for your help



    Even though you’ve already fixed this, I would like to mention that there is another way to do this, but it would require you to do the following:

    1. In your Dashboard>Settings>Sharing settings, enable sharing on Media.
    2. If it is enabled on your site, disable the Photo Carousel under Dashboard>Settings>Media>Image Gallery Carousel. (Save your changes.)
    3. When you insert a Gallery in your post, link to the Attachment page.
    3. Use the Pin It button on the Attachment page to share to Pinterest.

    One other important point you should be aware of is that if you include already uploaded images (i.e. those that have already been uploaded and inserted elsewhere) in your Gallery, the Attachment page will be linked to the Gallery or post previously created, not the current one. This is the big downside to linking to Attachment pages.

    (and lovely site btw)

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