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Can't place photos correctly in post

  1. When I want to put a photo in a post, I can't get the photo where I want it. Am I supposed to place the photo first and then write the text around it? Or can I start writing, stop and upload a photo, and then keep writing after that? Here's a link to the post I'm working on so you can see what I mean

  2. Have you checked the faq on pictures?
    I normally enter all the text and then decide how to place the image.

  3. I went through the step by step directions on Dr. Mike's blog. The thumbnail photo is stuck right in the middle of some text. I click on it, drag it to where I want it, and when I let go of the mouse, the photo pops right back up to where it was before. I really, REALLY don't understand what I am doing wrong. It looks like this

  4. inadvertentgardener

    Table4five, have you tried clicking on the picture, then using the image edit icon in the rich text editor to make changes to the photo?

    The Inadvertent Gardener

  5. Genie, okay I found the Insert/Edit image box, what do I select for Alignment? And what do you suggest for the dimensions? I find that most of my photos are way too small. (And thanks for helping a newbie!)

  6. Your style attributes will be removed.

    I rewrote some directions in the FAQ:
    Have you checked that page and others?

  7. The problem I'm having isn't how to upload the photos themselves, it's how to place them within the body of the post. With the Flickr uploadr, I can get the photo at the top of the post. What if I want it to appear after the fourth paragraph or something? I can't figure out how to MOVE it. I even tried going into the HTML Source editor, copy/pasting the photo code, and manually re-inserting it into the post. Which locked up the Source editor and got me an "error on page" message.

  8. Okay, never mind. Apparently, WordPress likes the way Flickr uploads photos a lot better than CompuPic. I was able to copy/paste the Flickr HTML and move it to a different place in the text. It might help others if how to move photos within the body of the post after they are uploaded was added to the FAQs.

  9. @tableforfive - the subject of how to insert photos and how to wrap text around photos is actually in the FAQs. Podz put it there.

    [and I added the link - drmike]

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