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    Now that WordPress has that advertising when you go to post a video I can’t get beyiond it. I cab’t get rid of the ad and I can’t post a video URL. Ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    Not to worry. Th solution is not to click the media button and instead simply enter the shortcode into either the Visual or HTML editor. The video will display and you won’t have to wee the advertising.



    I’m sorry about the typos. I’m using new equipment and having trouble.

    Not to worry. The solution is not to click the media button in the editor at all. Instead simply type the shortcode into the post or page. Whether or not you are using the Visual or HTML editor, the video will display and you won’t have to see the advertising.


    I couldn’t embed this morning either, and couldn’t by pass the Add to pay $59.00 for Video Press.

    And did not have a short code for the YT video I was attempting to put into the ADD VIDEO, then URL box that has been there since I started here. Instead I went to other blogs that had them, clicked on Edit just so I could see how they were done.

    In short take the beginning [youtube= ” Then URL ” ]

    Place the URL of the YT video in between the [youtube= & ], don’t forget the ]
    after the URL.


    Sorry forgot to say this is what you’ll put right into HTML of blog. And video will appear when you preview and post it.



    You can get past the ad by clicking on the orange “Embed an External Video” button at the bottom of the ad.

    When you use the “From URL” option, make sure you are using the URL of the YouTube page and not the embed URL offered on the page. Pasting the embed URL wont’ work.

    Besides the shortcode, another way is to autoembed the video is if you have enabled embeds on your blog in your Dashboard>Settings>Media. Then you can just copy and paste the YouTube page URL on it’s own line, making sure it is not appearing as a link. If it appears as a link, then use the “unlink” button in the Editor to remove it.

    See here


    Why is wordpress making it more difficult to use?
    It used to work just fine adding videos.
    Now it’s a pain.
    Make the free version difficult so that you have to pay the extra?



    Make the free version difficult so that you have to pay the extra?

    It’s not any easier or more difficult to use than it was before advertising appeared in our Dashboards. You can use either the shortcode or autoembed methods described above and never have to use the “Insert Video by URL button” option.

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