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Cant Post, Cant Upload, Cant nothing

  1. Don't now what is happening. I can't save my post and publish them, i can't upload images, cant edit, cant do nothing. OMG...

    Would someone help me to solve this issue?

    Carlos Pinho

  2. Im here for the same thing.
    Ive just written two posts, published them, but now cant find the bloody things anywhere!!!!!!!!!!
    Ive looked in my manage column, everywhere!
    Must be a glitch if Im not the only one experiencing this.....

  3. Try Google to see if they've got the cached versions of your files. If not, try Yahoo. If even Yahoo doesn't have it, you may be out of luck.

    Until WP has the glitch resolved, you may wish to use an offline editor like Blogdesk or Ecto.

  4. Sorry Im not very technical, how do I check this?
    Sorry being rubbish I know

  5. Go to and search and in the search box put the names of your posts. If you want to be extra precise, put searchterm in the search box.

  6. hmm, If I search for them that way I can find them, but they are not showing up as posts when I reload my site. I load up my blog and the last two posts are missing. they arent there as pages or posts and arent showing up when I search my archive on my blog, or on my manage page of my dashboard.. BUT when I type in wordpress"My Spoon not work" into google it finds them!
    Any Ideas anyone?

  7. Copy from Google and repost. was subject to a DNS attack over the last day, so there may well be repairs to be made.

  8. I think that you haven't understand what i mean with "can't do nothing". The problem is that WP is not saving the data that we submit to the server. No matter if it is posts, images, or other kind of files.

  9. Ok, now things have get back to normal. Believe it was a WP server problem.

  10. Ok, now things have get back to normal. Believe it was a WP server problem.

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