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    The problem is not with my blog per se. Simply put, I’m unable to post any comments, anywhere, on WP blogs.

    1. I write a comment in a WP blog “Leave a Comment” box. My beaudangles gravatar is visible as is my name (Sally).
    2. I click on “Post Comment” and am directed to a new page which asks me to log into my WP account. Huh? I’m already in it.
    3. The user name/email box is filled in with the info for another WP blog that I am NOT currently signed into. I put in my beaudangles user name and password again (even tho’ I’m already signed into it .. the screen refreshes with the non-active email address.
    4. I’ve tried to post on several WP blogs, including another one of my own … to no avail. Even tho’ it shows me logged into beaudangles it refuses to let me use that to leave a comment.
    5. I signed out of WP and signed into again with beaudangles and got the same result.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    Sally, who’s at a loss for words ;-)

    The blog I need help with is



    Still can’t post comments this morning.

    Also realized that the “name” that shows up in the box asking me to (re)sign in (see point #3 in my first post above) is actually my recovery email for beaudangles. Why that would appear there?

    Sally, who is even more confuddled than yesterday

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