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Can't post comments on blogs using WordPress user name

  1. When I try to post a comment on a blog using my WordPress user ID I get a message saying the following: You do not own that identity.
    Yet I have no problem signing into WordPress with my info.

    I don't know how to proceed since I'm using my user ID for WordPress.

    Is my WordPress user ID DIFFERENT than an OpenID?

    And if I HAVE an ID at WordPress WHY do I also need an OpenID account?

  2. Hi there,

    Which blog are you trying to post a comment to? Is this happening for every blog you try to leave a comment on?

  3. I am having this problem also. and yes, it happens to every blog I try to comment to. I just started using wordpress, so is there something I need to do before I can start leaving comments using the account? Thanks!

  4. That is the OpenID problem. It's been an issue for YEARS and as far as I know there is no solution. I just comment using Name/URL.

  5. So what do I put for the Name/URL option? Sorry, Im used to good old fashion "enter email" and submit! Thanks for the help.

  6. @padillasva
    Please answer the questions Ataff asked above >

    Like raincoaster has said openID fails more oten that it succeds so those of us who comment on Blogger (blogspot) blogs don't botheu using it. I can only comment on the Blogger (blogspspot) where the settings allow submitting comments by posting a username and a URL.

  7. & are a few I've tried to comment on recently. Typically I just comment as "anonymous" and put my name and/or email in the message. but some blogs do not have the "anonymous" option.

    I just tried using the Name/URL option and worked perfectly!! Thank you so much for taking the time to help. That page was getting really annoying real fast! Thanks again!!!!

  8. @padillasva
    I'm glad that using the uername and URL option worked for you. :) Best wishes with your commenting.

  9. Sorry I haven't posted in response yet. I can't right now, it's really late. I'll try to do so within one or two days and THANK YOU to those who have responded!

  10. @aerych,

    I'm sorry I couldn't get back here again before now. And I'm sorry I can't remember which blog I was commenting on, I comment on so MANY. It's happened more than once. When it won't let me leave my comment (after I try and login with WordPress) I just choose another option (I can't even remember which they all are right now). But the point (for me) is what I stated in my initial comment/question. Sorry I can't be more specific than that. But my original comment is pretty specific in itself.

  11. padillasva

    I hate to comment as anonymous although I've done that too. But we shouldn't HAVE to do that at all! If it's been going with WordPress for years then why don't they CORRECT IT? I know you can't answer that but I'm just asking the question. It's ridiculous!

  12. I know how you feel! It was super annoying, especially when I needed to ask questions. But try it as a Name/URL like the other recommended. That worked perfect for me. It was easy and it displayed my name too, so I can easily go back and check for replies. Good luck!

  13. I never have a problem with web sites that offer 'Disqus' to sign in with, never! Wish the ones that use WordPress offered Disqus also. Guess I'll try it with Name/URL next time. I've got a few URL's I guess I can use so I'll go with that. I can say it's doubtful I'd EVER use WordPress for a blog. If they can't even get signing in right I certainly wouldn't want to depend on them for my blog!


  14. I get the error message "you do not own that identity" when I try to blog on the following website: and under the reader tab (Blogs To Follow) this url has been added as well. My profie and my user account was created and verified today. Is there a time period before my wordpress userid account becomes active? .

    If not how can what other steps can I take resolve this matter?

  15. This has nothing to co with any timeframe at all. openID fails more often that it succeeds so those of us who comment on Blogger (blogspot) blogs don't bother using it.
    I can only comment on the Blogger (blogspspot) blogs where the settings allow submitting comments by posting a username and a URL.

  16. I realize this isn't getting resolved. Who ever 'owns' the URL obviously doesn't care about the problem. I'm only posting this so that I can 'uncheck' 'Notify me of followup posts via e-mail'. It remains to be seen as to whether or not THAT will work but hopefully it will. I can't see continuing on dealing with a problem that the owners don't even care about.

    Take care all of you fellow 'annoyed' users. :)

  17. i used to be able to comment, but now i can't either.
    I'm getting the same "please login" or "wrong password" error messages.
    I'll try and just comment with Name/URL, but this never happened before.
    I've tried on Chrome, Safari and Firefox with same error.


  18. I'm having the same issue. I can't comment on my own blog! I'm logged in (just approved some comments) and wanted to reply. The comment box shows my avatar and eerything, but when I click submit it says that my email address is already being used.

    Duh! I'm using my email address! Not sure how to proceed here. I'm logged in but I'm not? I'm using my email address but I'm not allowed to use my email address because I'm using my email address?

    Houston, we have a problem!

  19. Hi blackhawke,

    Can you please specify the URL to your blog? I don't see one associated to your username here on the forums. Is your blog hosted on


  20. I see this problem being recognized when trying to comment on other blogs, quite often. Sometimes deleting all the cookies associated with WordPress and reauthorizing them helps. Other times not. Sometimes logging in and fiddling with settings for a while then going back to the other blog to try to comment works. Other times not.

  21. I'm also having this problem. Whenever I try to comment, I'm told I have the wrong password, even though it is indeed the correct one.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    I've tried different browsers, different WordPress accounts - nothing works. I even tried opening a new WordPress account to no avail.

    I've had to resort to emailing my friends my comments, which is a real pain and kinda defeats the purpose of commenting.

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